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for all your beauty essentials.

The Beauty Bag was designed to perfectly carry all your beauty essentials in a stylish, yet elevated way.

+ quilted (exclusive) pattern
+ heart locket zipper
+ classy navy blue interior

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After launching our OG detangling brush in May of 2022… we have since sold out multiple times, began retailing in salons across the country and continue to receive hundreds of comments a week about how life changing the brush is. We take pride knowing our brush is for all hair types and safe to use on extensions. Its metal bristles gently exfoliate your scalp, promoting healthy hair & other amazing benefits.

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To put LUXURY, AFFORDABLE, and FUNCTIONAL haircare products into the hands of anyone looking to elevate their haircare arsenal.

about us

Glow Beauty was born out of the belief that beautiful, well made tools create healthy hair. We are committed to putting reliable, original and timeless brushes into the hair and beauty industry. We are excited to expand our product line and can’t wait to share more with you♡

behind the name

Our name Glow Beauty is inspired by the act of glowing from within. We want to be your little piece of glow, everywhere you go. 

  • Irena

    "I have straight, long, bleached, frizzy, tangly hair and this brush makes my hair smooth as silk. I don't use it to brush through my wet hair as I usually use wide tooth comb . But after drying my hair this brush turns my hair into silk. I bought myself another brush, travel size. And the regular size for my mom as she absolutely loved the brush as well."

  • Amanda

    "The brush eliminates all tangles quick and painlessly! I even got one for my 7 year old and she no longer complains about hair brushing. The brushes wash well and actually hold up. The first brush I purchased has lasted well over a year and is still in great shape. Durable, easy to clean and definitely worth the money!!!"

  • Dena

    "I look forward to brushing my hair! The feeling on my scalp is amazing! I love how there are no little beads on the tips of the bristles like my old brushes, they used to get stuck in my hair and rip it out. I’ve been telling all my friends they need to buy this brush."

  • Alexis

    "This has been my absolute favorite brush. It feels like my scalp is getting a massage whenever I use it. I had one last year but when it was time to replace it, I didn't have it in my budget to purchase it again. I went with one from the grocery store and I absolutely couldn't wait until I could switch back to Glow Beauty. I finally switched back and I hope I never have to part with the brand again!"

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