about us

BEAUTY PRODUCTS SHOULD BE BEAUTIFUL. Hair stylists are visual people. So why is it that most hair tools don’t feel like they belong in a salon? Glow Beauty products are created with stylists and their clients in mind. Form meets function for tools that professionals can take pride in to create styles beyond their clients’ wildest dreams.

“For me, beauty is in all the details, especially your tools.”


As a hairstylist, salon owner & educator with more than 14 years in the industry, Marissa has seen the good, the bad and the frizzy of haircare tools and products. Creator of The Glow Method, Marissa specializes in blonding hair color, extensions and shadowing. Working with clients and stylists across the country, she realized there was so much missing from salons and home care routines. Glow Beauty was born out of the need for tools that performed well and felt luxurious but still looked beautiful in every environment.